Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Can toddlers really make up names for toys !??

My daughter astounds me !!

This is no great shakes to people that know me, I am astounded by the things she does everyday, she is learning colours, new words dailly, and can count to 10, ( though the concept of 1 - 10 she hasn't grasped yet !! )

At the age of about 11 months she named one of her dolls Nidan Naden, why I can not tell you, i have no idea....... The name is nothing like any other bname she knows, or watches on the telly, if fact she gets bored of telly really easily !!

Now she has named a toy pig that she has in the bath !! Kinga !!! Why Kinga !!! again this is nothing like any name she has heard, or seen !! I thought a toddlers concpets of imagination are not supposed to be that developed by 17 months??

keep going Darcy , keep learning, put yer dad to shame in the clever stakes, be as clever as you can, learn as much and as fast as you can, !

Gas and 'Leccy bills ! Ouch

Tell me how can the Gas and Electricity companies JUSTIFY a price rise of 30 % ( gas ) and 20% ( electricity ),
If the companies had said, sorry, well times are hard bills are going up in line with inflation, or sorry we are having to buy more russian gas etc , well ok !! but that is the problem there is no sorry !! about it, a lack of competition, and the fact that we all need gas and electricity to get by, means their cartell can get away with crazy price increases.

Now petrol prices are dropping like a stone in a river, and the credit crunch as biting, ( and the government cancelling the winter payments to old people for heating in britain, surely it is time to follow suit , and cut prices !

1st frost this morning, it's getting c.c.c.cccold !! hahaha

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Clocks are going back !

Yep it is that time of year again , when the clocks go back an hour, WHY do we persist in this arcaik tradition.... after 3 weeks it is dark in the evening anyway, sureley it is time ( no pun intended ) to stop this, ??

Please !

Mr. Men are 35 !!

Did anyone else realise this, or is it just me ??
Mr. Men are 35 yrs old !!

My daughter LOVES them, and can name all the characters on the back of the book !! this is pretty amazing as she is still only 16 months !!

We have managed to get her the complete dvd mr men for xmas, so i hope she doesn;t grow out of them soon !!

The funniest is Mr. Jelly, to which Darcy says , "Wobble wobble wobble " !!

haha very good !!

Daddy do it ?? !!

For the first time in 3 weeks, on Sunday, Darcy actually said " Daddy do it "

For the last 3 weeks, all we have heard is " No Mammy, " " mammy do it "

Is this a turning point in the mother clingyness thing ??

Only time will tell !!

Weight loss update

9lbs !!

That's it in just over 4 weeks, ( says jumping for joy !! )

We'll get to a stone, and re-evaluate i think, perhaps a little more, see how healthy i feel !!

Friday, 17 October 2008

The Story of the Fairy, and the chocolate cake !

Yesterdays was Darcy's dressing up party of non Halloween theme, fancy dress party at playschool ! ( well it is run in a school )

She went as a fairy, which was great until toast time, which was not taost time, if it had have been toast time, things would have been ok !! but they substiteuted toast for chocolate cake !! Darcy has never had chocolate cake , so this was to be a new experience ! As with all toddlers, they like to pick things up and feel them, so darcy did that to the cake, squashing it in her hand.... then of course because it was oozing everywhere, it is hard to get ooze into your mouth ? !! so she tried to smear it, over her face !! I wish i had a picture, but the image is not pretty !! no the state of the dress !!

( how many times can you mention toast in a blog )